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Food Delivery Service

Wouldn't it be nice to limit your trips to the grocery store? 

For 100 years, Passanante's Home Food Service has been delivering customized packages of all-natural meats, organic vegetables, pastas, soups, prepared foods, and a variety of brand name groceries to families all over the mid-Atlantic.

Allow us to show you how Passanante's can provide your family great quality foods with the convenience of ordering from home.

Hand Delivered

At Passanante's Home Food Service, all orders are triple checked for accuracy and then loaded on our custom freezer delivery trucks. Our friendly and professional delivery personnel strive to make efficient, professional deliveries their number one priority. We offer convenient 2-3 hour delivery windows with both weekday and weekend dates available, to work with every type of busy schedule. 

Running short on time? Your delivery representative will put your order away in your freezer and pantry for no additional charge.

Packaging & Freezing

All of our products are individually wrapped and bi-vacuum-sealed for easy cooking and to reduce waste. Our blast freezer has fans that blow freezing cold (-40 degrees F) air at a super-fast velocity that chills our product within moments. 

In nearly a hundred years of operation, Passanante's has perfected this freezing technique. It takes only moments for your food order to be custom cut and flash frozen. Furthermore, we give a 100% guarantee against any type of freezer-burn or faulty packaging. We guarantee that all of our meats will be as fresh as the day it was cut.

USDA Federally Inspected Facility

What started out as a family-owned butcher has grown into an unrivaled food service operation.

We have a USDA inspector on site, ensuring top quality and cleanliness. We are proud to report that in our century-long  history, we have NEVER issued a food recall.