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Referral Pay Day

We're Paying BIG For Referrals!

Like so many other family businesses, we're feeling the impact of COVID-19. We could really use a little help spreading the word about our service, and we're willing to PAY BIG for it.

Now through July 31st, we're giving away CASH for any referral who becomes a customer. This is not a credit. This is not a discount. This is money in your bank delivered within 5 days of when your referral accepts delivery. Just let us know how you prefer to be paid and we will make it happen whether it's corporate check, Cash App, Venmo or PayPal!

1 - 2 Customers = $400 CASH EACH
3 - 4 Customers = $500 CASH EACH
5+ Customers = $600 CASH EACH

Submit Your Referrals

Use this form to submit as many referrals as you'd like and we will pay you for each new customer!*

Want To Increase The Chances Of Your Pay Day?

1. Make sure your referral lives in our service area (central Colorado, Delaware, Illinois, SW Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, Washington D.C., West Virginia, SE Wisconsin & SE Wyoming)
2. Let your referral know that we will be contacting them so they're expecting our call. Better yet, copy and paste this into an email or text message:

"Hey! Just wanted to let you know, I referred you to Passanante's Home Food Service and they're going to be calling you in the next few days. This is a food delivery service that my family loves and during these tricky times with Covid-19 I thought your family might benefit from them too."

* To qualify, your referral must become a full-service customer and purchase by July 31, 2020.