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Our Home Food Delivery Service is designed for families who have a busy schedule and need the convenience of fresh food at their fingertips.

Passanante's Home Food Service offers a full line of top quality, chemically purer gourmet foods delivered right to your door. Our food delivery program is fully customizable for you and your family's size, budget, taste and lifestyle so no matter how picky your little ones are we have you covered.

We're committed to delivering only the highest quality foods to your family. We feature:

  • All Natural, Prime and Top Choice Beef
  • Local, Air Chilled Poultry
  • Grain Fed Pork
  • Lamb and Veal
  • American Bison
  • Wild Caught Seafood
  • 100% USDA Certified Organic Vegetables
  • Fresh Frozen Pastas
  • Delicious Prepared Items
  • Desserts
  • Name Brand Groceries (Detergents, Cleansers, Condiments, Paper Products etc.)

Our full product list  is stacked with over 250 items to choose from, and if you don't already have the space to store a large quantity of frozen food, we have top of the line commercial grade freezers available as well.

The Passanante's home food delivery service is designed to save you time and aggravation as you skip the grocery store lines and rest easy knowing you're feeding your family only the best. We're so confident you'll love our steroid and hormone-free meats and 100% organic vegetables that we're giving away free samples of our foods so you can taste before you buy!

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